On a mission to keep pets at home and out of shelters… By providing donated pet food and pet care products to families in need.

About SafeHaven Animal Rescue Team 

SafeHaven Animal Rescue Team is a Large Dog Breed Rescue/Rehabilitation and Sanctuary Program that is in Northeast, Texas.  The program was established in 2021, when a group found themselves with a large hoarding situation.  Since they were a part of our Rescue Pet Food Pantry, our Board agreed to help and the rest they say is history.  The President of Animal House Project lives part time in Northeast Texas and asked that the Program continue since it was a huge success in 2021.  Though it is rare, we have pulled large breed dogs in the Pennsylvania area and placed them into short term Foster homes.

We provide training, education and are a parachute for all the dogs that go through our program. We partner and work only with the best rescues who meet our standards when it comes to large breed dogs. For adoptions: we require a completed application and vetting of the applicant prior to the Meet and Greet. We also have an Adoption Donation (not fee). Rescue is a Team Effort. There is no “I” on our Team. We are the voice for the voiceless.