Rescue Pet Food Program

In 2016, after seeing the success of the Companion Pet Food Pantry and impressed with the vetting process that we had created, Animal House Project was approached by a National Pet Food Manufacturer.  Our Board of Directors at the time, were invited to California to meet with their senior staff to discuss a Novel idea that they wanted to pursue –  A Rescue Pet Food Pantry But for smaller grassroot rescues.  After much debate and thought we felt that it was a viable idea and set out to find a temporary larger location to meet the initial food donations that were going to be sent.  After making many calls, Suburban Management Company in Oaks, Pennsylvania stepped up and offered us 5,000 sf of space for 8 weeks for $1.00 which included loading docks and a secure area for rescues to pick up the food.  Seven tractor trailers were sent carrying 500,000 lbs of wet and dry dog and cat food and we had 8 weeks to donate the food to small grassroot rescues and shelters who had their 501 (c) 3 paperwork.  And the rest they say is History.  From 2016 through 2020, Animal House Project’s Rescue Food Pantry has helped well over 300 rescues in the Tri-State Region but also to include Southern Rescues as well and donated over 3 million pounds of food.  While the food is donated to these organizations (thus freeing up their budgeted funds for veterinary care), our rescue and shelter partners are asked to provide a donation to our efforts to help offset the cost of propane; insurance; truck costs for large food pick-ups; pest control etc.


If you are a Board President or a Director of a Rescue or Smaller shelter and need help, below is an application as well as a Questionnaire that we need completed.  Our e-mail address to receive these documents plus a copy of your 501 ( c) 3 is

PDF Files:   AHP Site Visit_Phone Interview Questionaire_ to be used when visiting pending Recipient Groups   Application to AHP Rescue Pet Food Pantry c.2021