On a mission to keep pets at home and out of shelters… By providing donated pet food and pet care products to families in need.

Interested in Hosting a Pet Food Drive?

Thinking of hosting a Pet Food Drive? That’s great! Not sure how to begin? No problem—Animal House Project will help you get started.


Organization is key to making sure your food drive runs smoothly. Start by deciding who you are going to target as your donors—friends and family, organizations you are involved in, a sports team…there are lots of possibilities!

Don’t forget to check on whether you need permission to solicit for donations!

Make a Plan

When will the event start? When will it end? What are your goals? These are very important questions that, once answered, will help your drive run smoothly.

Obtain Materials

Animal House Project can provide you with donation boxes, info cards, posters, graphics, etc. for your drive. Email marybeth@animalhouseproject.org for access to our materials.

We’ve already created a few basic flyers to help you get started:

  • Pet Food Drive Flyer with Cash Option (For drives that will also accept money)
  • Pet Food Drive Flyer, NO Cash Option (For drives that cannot accept money)
  • Printable list of items we can and can’t accept.

Spread the Word

Get creative. What makes your pet food drive stand out? Is your dog or cat the chair-animal of your pet food drive?

If you reach 500 lbs. will your coach get hit in the face with a pie? The more fun you have, the more people will want to get involved.

Put up posters and flyers, spam your social media channels, use all your resources to get people involved in your pet food drive.

Do A Facebook Live Post

Post pictures of the pets of people who donate. Ask people what they would do if they couldn’t feed their pets.

Also, let us know what you’re doing for us! We want to promote your pet food drive on our social media sites.


Once your pet food drive is over, be sure to thank everyone who contributed! People love helping a good cause, but they also need to know their contributions are appreciated.

Call or email us to set up a time to bring in your donations. If your drive has been super successful and you have more food than will fit in your vehicle, we will send our Animal House Project truck to your location for a pick-up.

We want to get a great picture of you and your donation when you bring it into the warehouse with our Director of Community Relations Yoshi. We love advertising the great work our supporters do!

Deliver pet food donations to the Animal House Project warehouse at 72 Robinson Street – Rear, Pottstown, PA 19464. We will work with you as much as we can to facilitate a good time for drop-offs.

For More Information, Please reach out to:

Community Outreach Coordinator
Animal House Project
(484) 949-8329 extension 101