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Home of the Chester County Pet Food Pantry

  • Helping pets stay with their families. Serving Berks/Chester/Montgomery Counties in PA.
  • Helping rescues and shelters feed the animals in their care.

Get Assistance

The Animal House Project's Pet Food Pantry is here to ensure your companion pets never go hungry.  We distribute donated pet food, pet care items, facilitate through grants spaying/neutering and low cost vaccines (when available) to families in crisis or within 200% of Federal Poverty Guidelines

General eligibility requirements* to receive assistance: 

The food provided by the Pantry is Supplemental.  Please note that in order to insure that we feed as many companion pets, as we possibly can,  we are limiting the number of animals to 6 companion pets. This can be a combination of dogs and cats or dogs or cats, but the maximum number to receive assistance will be 6. 

    • Proof of financial need or crisis along with government issued photographic identification matching the application address.

  • Agree that pets are for companionship, not for breeding or any illegal activities.

  • Agree to attend to your pets in a timely manner if they need medical care (including vaccinations) and to maintain healthy living conditions for your pets.

  • Proof of pets spay/neuter (upon request)

  • Agree that the pets receiving assistance live in your home and are not strays.

  • Assistance Application submitted and approved.


*Eligibility requirements are subject to change without notice.  


If you qualify, please download, complete and submit the Assistance Application. Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to download the Assistance Application.